October 21, 2016

6 Tips for Getting Identity Theft Protection For the Kids

Have you ever been a victim of identity theft or are you afraid that your children are at the risk and you want to know the tips for getting identity theft protection for the kids? There are lots of legal ways you can prevent this from happening.

Keep important documents away from the public eye

This means that you should keep your kids' birth certificates, passports and social security cards locked up in a safe place at home. Some parents have the tendency to carry their children's social security cards in their wallets or purses and it's very easy for an identity thief to gain access to it. If you are asked to produce them for legal purposes or something similar, remember to take them back home with you afterwards.

Keep records of people who have your child's social security number

Every time somebody maybe at a hospital or at a business asks for your child's social security number, remember to ask why they need first and if the reason is valid then don't forget to write down the name of the hospital or person you gave it to. This is done so that in case something out of the ordinary happens and your child's social security number is involved, all you need to do is produce the names of people you gave it out to and the relevant authority will handle the issue.  Even with the best identity theft protection service, you need to keep any social security number under lock and key.

Do not share information online

The messages and photos you and your kids share with the friends will always be out there with no way to wipe them out completely. Things once sent out spread faster than an undetected cancer virus in the human body. This in mind, educate your kids on the things to and not to share online especially to people they do not know in person.

Install security software in the home computer

Software such as antivirus detectors, firewalls and privacy filtration software will always be in the tips for getting identity theft protection for the kids. It is important because there are viruses that will be downloaded when you go online or people who will try to hack in to your computer and view your information. You should also make sure to encrypt your wireless home network.

Monitor your child's credit report

Most parents do not see the need in checking credit reports because they know their children do not have any credit. This is what identity thieves know and take advantage of. So ensure that you check it periodically.

Teach the kids about identity theft

Kids are vulnerable and too trusting and that's why they are at a greater risk of getting their identities stolen. If a stranger buys your kid ice-cream ten asks him/her a bunch of questions about anything they will definitely give out all the information. Parents need to educate their children about this nightmare that is identity theft. Tell them not to give out information to people they do not know and even to those they do know. Everybody is a suspect so be cautious and go through the tips for getting identity theft protection for the kids every once in a while just to be extra safe.

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