August 23, 2013

7 Ways to Safeguard Your House from Burglars When you Go on Vacation

Going on vacation should be an exercise in rest, relaxation, and liberation of the mind from all forms of worry and stress, even if the packing goes to plan and you arrive at the airport without any delays or dramas, there’s always that niggling worry about the security of your house when you’re away. This issue can be exacerbated at certain times of the year, going away around Christmas for example can pile on extra concern since opportunist burglars are looking to capitalize on the season of giving.

Although the risk of being burgled is ever present, there are a number of procedures you can exercise to ensure that said risk is greatly reduced, no matter whether you’re talking a summer break or getting away for some winter sun. Some of these methods take a little preparation but this is a small investment for a totally blissful, worry-free vacation.

1.       Set Light Timers

Nothing says ‘I’m on vacation, come and rob me’ like a house with no lights on for a week. Thieves aren’t stupid, they won’t act on a whim, rather, they’ll constantly be watching out for signs of an unoccupied house. For this reason, investing in some automatic light timers is an excellent idea. These switch on and off any lights that are plugged-into the mains at set times, giving the appearance of activity in the house.

2.       Enlist House-Sitters

House-sitters don’t literally  live-in for hours on end, rather they enter the house at random intervals to check everything is ticking over. As well as giving the house the appearance of being lived-in, house sitters can perform other important errands such as watering the plants. It goes without saying that you should get trusted friends or family members to full-fill this role!

3.       Cancel All Deliveries

If you have a parcel delivery due when you’re abroad, cancel it. A parcel sitting on your door step for days on end is a clear indication that no-one’s in. If you have an outdoor mail-box, make sure that’s emptied regularly too!

4.       Leave Curtains Open

Leaving curtains open may sound counter-intuitive if you’re trying to put burglars off, but having them closed all the time can be even more enticing – after who has their curtains closed day after day – this can be a clear indication that no one’s in. Just be sure to place valuable, desirable items out of sight.

5.       Leave Your Car on the Driveway

Make sure there is a presence on your driveway at all times, having a car constantly sitting there is better than no car at all.

6.       Blockade the Garage

Don’t worry, this isn’t as extreme as it sounds! The garage is often a place where valuable possessions are stored, and also one of the easiest routes into a house, ensure you protect it by parking your car almost right up against the garage, rendering the entrance completely impassable.

7.       Watch Home Alone!

If you’re left in the house on your own, either inadvertently – a la Home Alone, or through choice, watch the films starring Macaulay Culkin for some great ideas on how to fend off those pesky burglars!


Joe is a travel blogger who ensures his home is secure when he goes away on holiday! This means he’ll be able to relax in the Rome holidays he stays in when he goes to Italy next year! You can follow Joe’s exploits on Top Travel blogs


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