December 5, 2015

How to Avoid ID Theft While Browsing the Internet

The Internet has become an integral tool in our daily lives.  People use it to buy, to sell, to pay bills, and to receive payments.  People often manage multiple accounts on the Internet and enter sensitive personal information into their computers each and every day.  You’ll need to exercise caution on the Internet if you […]

Is Your Child at Risk for Identity Theft?

Child identity theft is one of the fastest growing ID theft crimes.  Opening credit files is linked to a social security number, and while the social security administration gives a number to child for tax purposes, it often goes unused for sixteen to eighteen years.  This means the theft can go undetected for a very […]

What Are the Main Causes of Identity Theft?

Understanding the main causes of identity theft is the first step to preventing it.  There are some common methods thieves use to steal your information.  Many of these methods are easy to prevent once you understand them. Lost or Stolen Lost or stolen wallets, purses, and checkbooks are an easy way for thieves to get […]

Best Tips for Preventing Identity Theft

There are literally dozens of ways you can better protect yourself against identity theft. You Don’t HAVE to give that person your Social Security Number! One of the most important things to remember is to withhold any personal information from third parties unless it is absolutely necessary. Companies that insist on processing your personal identifiers […]