October 21, 2016

How Does Lifelock Protect Children and Family Members?

Children do not have credit scores and most parents don’t even think to check if accounts have been opened in their child’s name, and that’s what makes them a prime target for identity thieves and why you need some kind of identity protection for each child.

So what does Lifelock DO to protect children from ID theft?

Lifelock will setup an identity threat alert system that will notify you any time your child’s personal information is being used.  Any of this suspicious activity will be reported to you via phone or email to make sure there is a legitimate threat to the child’s identity.  This early detection system can save a lot of time and money from trying to recover child’s stolen ID.

Lost wallet protection is also offered to children, although most children do not have personal identifiers in their wallet and they really shouldn’t anyway.   But any cards that were in the wallet Lifelock can help replace.

Currently, Lifelock does not offer any kind of family plan or family discount since each individual has a unique social security number that the system will monitor, but the $1 million service guarantee does cover EACH person, so if you have 4 children in your family and you and your spouse all have Lifelock as well, that is equivalent to $6 million in identity protection services just in case anyone’s ID in your family is ever compromised.  Read here for more info on how the $1 million service guarantee works.

Some people think that if just they have Lifelock themselves then the whole family will be covered automatically.  But even if you have Lifelock and your children do not and they have their ID stolen, you cannot use your Lifelock subscription to cover them.

The same goes for your spouse.  One Lifelock membership will not cover both you and your spouse, but you will have to get a subscription for both of you.  Everyone has their own identity information, social security number, and date of birth, so Lifelock has to apply their services to each person on an individual basis.

Adding a family member to your current plan is a breeze and can all be done from the Lifelock Command Center or just through your account online.  Additionally you can call the company at 1-800-Lifelock to add a new family member.

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