October 21, 2016

How Lifelock Helps Restore Your Identity After It’s Stolen

Many people ask the question, "Can Lifelock really restore my identity?"  Let's take a closer look at what the company actually does for victims of ID theft.

No matter what anyone tells you, there is NO identity theft protection service that can keep you 100% safe from ID theft.  And while some companies are better than others, the truth of the matter is, some people will still have their identities stolen while being a member of Lifelock, Trusted ID, or some other service.

So what does Lifelock do to help recover your identity?  This article will explain how Lifelock helps put your life back together after your ID has been stolen, and this is the #1 reason we love Lifelock so much.

There are some people who have signed up for Lifelock and then had their identities stolen and have blamed the company for not having a good service.  But you never know where your personal information is going to end up, and even your Facebook page could lead to an ID theft.  The key is how the service helps to restore your identity so that your credit does not go down the tubes.

There is a 5 step process to how Lifelock helps restore your identity after a breach of your identity:

  1. You are assigned a resolution specialist so you have a single number to call to talk to the same person who is handling your claim.  This person will not only help put you at ease but will also give you updates on the resolution of your claim and tell you what is being done.
  2. Lifelock then will assess your case carefully and bring in the necessary third parties to help recover all of your stolen ID’s.
  3. The resolution specialist will tell you what your rights are as a victim of this crime and tell you what you need to expect in the upcoming weeks.
  4. Lifelock then gives you step-by-step advice on how to fill out the appropriate forms like police reports etc.
  5. You will then receive a call to confirm that your case has been solved and your ID has been restored.  A Lifelock team member will make sure that you are completely satisfied.

Trying to figure out what to do after an ID theft on your own is a huge hassle and very frustrating.  Lifelock makes this whole process easy and hassle free so you can get back to your life even before your claim has been fully processed.

Just knowing that someone else is helping you get your identity restored will take a big burden off your back, and it’s a big reason why so many people use and trust Lifelock to get full restoration of their ID’s.

Lifelock offers a 1 million dollar guarantee that is used to pay for lawyers, investigators, consultants, and experts who know what it takes to get your identity back.  All of these services would cost you a boat load of money if you didn’t have Lifelock, so for this reason alone you should at least consider signing up for this service.

Oh, and they are there 24/7 365 days a year to answer your concerns and questions if you are a member.  They don’t take vacations so you CAN.

Yes, you CAN go about getting your identity restored yourself.  It’s very doable.  But it will take countless hours and resources to do it, and you will probably have to take time off work to get everything settled and to meet with lawyers and investigators and such.  But for the DIYers out there, you won’t really need Lifelock.  For those who would rather have the peace of mind of knowing that someone else is taking care of it all for you… I call that priceless.  But you can get signed up for $10 a month.

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