October 21, 2016

How to Protect Your Email Account from Hackers

protect your email password The best way to protect your email account from hackers lies in the security questions and password. There are no easy answers to avoid hackers, but prevention is key like in most situations in life.

Too simple passwords

Frequently hackers will get into your account via answering your security questions. Because of tools like facebook, LinkIn and your resume online, a lot of security questions are easy to find the answer too. For example, if you choose the security question “What high school did you attend?”, I bet I could find the answer in under five minutes. One way to avoid situations like this is by choosing the more obscure questions that casual acquaintances wouldn’t even know. Ones that ask about a past pet, teacher, friends etc can make for good questions to choose. Another method is to give obscure answers to questions. For example, if the question is “What was the name of your favorite pet?” You could answer with a snarky statement like “steak” or “I’m allergic”. Or you could use an unusual word that is unrelated like ‘mongoosery’. There are many methods to creating unique answers, and don’t limit your imagination to these ideas. Have fun and try to choose something you can remember!

One strong password is not enough

To create a unique and memorable password can be a difficult task, but it is one of the necessary mundane tasks of life. One important thing to remember while creating passwords is to not give everything the same password. If you have the same password for everything, once one account is hacked all the others can get hacked along with it. Getting one account hacked is bad enough, so make up a different password for different account. Not feeling creative and you are good at memorization, a password generator may be a good option for you . There are lots of available on the internet, but make sure you access a well regarded one, and they should never ask for the account you are generating the password for.

Strong password can be easy to remember

There are lots of different codes you can use to create strong password. One you can do is with each account use base initials of the account+ your mother’s initials. For example, for a yahoo account if my mother’s name was Susan Jones Barneby could be “yhsjb”. I could use her initials for any account, and therefore have a different password pretty much pre-made for every account. Another method is to use pattern that are already on the keyboard+ mix it with something memorable like your dog’s name. So if I had a dog named cat I could use the passwords “catqwert” or “catzxcv”. Having a pattern often makes it easier to remember, because it will be a motor memorization as well for your fingers when you are typing in the password. This does not mean use 12345 type passwords, because those are extremely easy to hack into.


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