December 5, 2015

How to Spot a Fake ID

A fake ID can be a liability for many companies and organizations. Fraudulent IDs are used for identity theft, white-collar crime, terrorism, and other harmful activities. While card printing technology has advanced significantly over the past decade, it’s still possible to identify many types of fake IDs. Production of Fake IDs Most fake IDs are […]

The Most Common Internet Safety Concerns and How to Deal with Them

Internet safety is becoming increasingly important as more and more of us spend more time online doing huge variety of things from socializing with our friends to shopping and banking. The internet is barely policed at all and often rife with potential pitfalls. There are also many different devices that allow you to surf the […]

How To Protect Your Identity Online

The Information Super Highway, as the Internet used to be called, has become a cyber Audubon with facts and figures conveniently at our fingertips almost 24/7, speeding through phone or fiber optic lines, broadcast over satellite, downloaded over DSL. Most of us do not know how to pluck important numbers and names out of these […]