March 1, 2012

How To Ensure Your Child is Safe When Playing Online Games

Online gaming has surged in popularity over recent years and there are more and more children choosing to play these games these days.  However, with all the risks that the internet brings, it is very important for parents to do all they can to make sure that online gaming is a safe experience for their [...]

Teaching Your Children About Internet Viruses Online

Your home computer is often one of the most expensive and vital pieces of kit you have in your home. The hardware and software you use on your computer can run to the thousands of pounds and needs to be taken care of. More and more of us are using computers for work, personal finances [...]

Internet Safety for Parents: Preventing your Children from Downloading Online

When it comes to internet safety for parents many people overlook the myriad of hazards that illegal online file sharing and downloading can potentially have. In this article we’re going to get to grips with some of these key problems and give you a few tips on how to prevent your child from downloading. The [...]