December 5, 2015

4 Internet Safety Tips for Parents and Nannies

4 Internet Safety Tips for Parents and Nannies For children, the Internet holds all the interesting information they could ever want to know, along with fun games and neat websites; however, the Internet also holds threats to their safety. Unfortunately, you can’t always be there to watch over and protect your children. Before allowing them […]

Is Coffee Shop WiFi Safe?

If you use public WiFi, you may wonder if it is safe. Mainstream tech news seems to always be reporting on stories about exploits, along with admonitions to keep wireless access points locked. The short answer on whether public WiFi like coffee shop access points are safe depends heavily on how you use them, and […]

How Hard Is It Really for Someone to Steal Your secured Internet Connection?

The short answer to the question above is that it is hard enough that your secured Internet connection isn’t going to be targeted by any Tom, Dick and Harry who happen to be in listening distance of your computer. However, for an advanced hacker, it’s really not all that difficult to steal your secured Internet […]

The Most Common Internet Safety Concerns and How to Deal with Them

Internet safety is becoming increasingly important as more and more of us spend more time online doing huge variety of things from socializing with our friends to shopping and banking. The internet is barely policed at all and often rife with potential pitfalls. There are also many different devices that allow you to surf the […]

Shopping Online Safely: The Most Common Risks

Shopping online can often expose you to unnecessary risks and often people get duped into giving away their credit card details to fraudulent companies. However with caution you can avoid most credit card fraud and avoid the unnecessary hassle of cancelled cards and unexpected bills. With that in mind we’ve put together a list of […]