October 21, 2016

The Best Ways to Invite Hackers into Your Life

The internet has brought us more than a few technological advancements however it has also introduced new problems into our lives as well. One of the things that the internet has brought us is hackers which can lead to them corrupting businesses or even stealing people’s identities. This article will cover how you can invite a hacker into your life.

Use the Same Passwords

Many people find that it is very easy to use the same password for every single site they are a member of because it makes it easy for them to never forget their passwords. However, at the same time what they do not realize is it makes it easier for hackers to take control of their life as well. All they have to do is monitor all of the sites that you are a member of or participate in regularly. Then once they figure out one password they will try it for the rest of the sites and boom they are in luck. They will then be able to access your personal websites, your email accounts, and even your bank accounts. If you are someone who wants to invite a hacker into your life this is one sure way to do so.

List Your Personal Information on the Web

Most people do not list all of their personal information in one place on the web yet this cannot stop a hacker from obtaining it. All they have to do is track down all of the sites that you are active on and match up the bits and pieces of information. To you this may seem like to much work to try and still someone’s information. However, to a hacker it is worth ever second that they spend getting your information together because if they get lucky they have just hit the jackpot and you will be kicking yourself in the behind for revealing all of the information that you did on the web.

Hackers are people who do not have a heart when it comes to the lives of others. Many people think about hacking as something that could never happen to them in a million years until it happens. If you are someone who has this outlook and thinks you want to keep pressing your luck you will find that these two steps that were listed above will bring the hackers right into your lives until they destroy you.

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