June 5, 2016

Why Facebook Spy Might Become Your Most Trusted Friend

Ok, so Facebook Spy isn’t some sentient being who can ever truly become your friend.  However, applications like Facebook Spy Software can help you dig down to the truth about a loved one’s social networking activities.  So at least in that sense, Facebook Spy could become the only tool you trust to learn what someone is really doing when online.  But to be more accurate, here’s exactly what you’ll uncover about someone’s activities using Facebook Spy Software:

What People Are Hiding Using Their Privacy Settings

Privacy settings can be manipulated to block you or anyone else from seeing a person’s complete list of Friends, posts, comments, etc.  Facebook Spy is specifically designed to reveal all contacts, pictures, posts, etc. regardless of Privacy Settings.  So long as your loved one accesses their Facebook account from the computer on which the Facebook Spy Software was installed, their privacy settings will be ineffective and you will be able to get the answers you want.

Reading Incoming and Outgoing Instant Messages

Your loved one or child might start deleting chat conversations and messages if they suspect that you or anyone else might read them.  Normally, that would prevent you from ever viewing these critical pieces of communication because they would be lost forever.  But with Facebook Spy, every single Instant Message sent or received in Facebook will be recorded and sent to a user account for later review—even if the person tries to delete them!

But even though Facebook is the world’s largest social networking website, it is by no means the only one.  Plus, Facebook Spy Software cannot tell you when someone changes applications or what websites they have visited.  So in addition to Facebook Spy, look for computer monitoring platforms that include these vital surveillance tools:

Automatic Screen Shots:  This technology will take a picture of your computer screen automatically anytime someone uses a browser to visit a new website or when they change applications.

Keystroke Logging:  With keystroke logging, you will be able to produce a record of every keystroke that is made on your computer.  This means you can also see whatever anyone types in any application as well.

VOIP Call Recording:  With this technology, you can record calls made over a number of Internet platforms, including MSN, Skype and Yahoo.

Remote Microphone Activations: By remotely activating the microphone on a monitored computer, you will be able to eavesdrop on its surroundings to pick up conversations and background noise.

When you combine these surveillance tools with the capabilities of Facebook Spy Software, you have a truly comprehensive PC monitoring platform that can track all relevant computer communications and activities.

Jane Andrew is the author of MSN Spy and Yahoo Spy technology . She provides tips, tricks and news about computer and internet security. You can also follow her on Twitter @mobistealth to get the latest tips about computer technology.

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