October 21, 2016

Why Security Cameras are a Business Owners Best Defense

office security cameraIt is hard to imagine owning a business without having a security camera system in place.  A security camera system has become the best weapon for a business owner to combat theft and other liabilities that can hinder the success of the business.  In the past most business owners just relied on other employees to supervise customers or visitors, but the truth is employees have become less reliable, and criminals have only gotten smarter!  So having a security camera system in place has really been the only tool a business owner can rely on to protect their business.  Without one, you can be putting your business in serious jeopardy to fail.

Today there is no doubt that theft is a huge concern for business owners.  As sales have become harder to get, and profits more vital than ever, lost product through employee or customer theft has become a huge threat to the future of all businesses.   Unfortunately business owners have started to realize that theft is damaging their business, which means they have really stopped trusting anyone but themselves.  So the end result is they feel they have to be always watching their business which makes it real tough to do without a security camera system in place.

Installing a security camera system will allow a business owner to monitor their business even when they are not physically there.  A business owner has the ability to log onto their security DVR remotely when they are out of the office and not only watch live video, but also past video that is captured and stored.   This is a huge luxury for a business owner since now they can monitor their business, employees, and customers even when they are not physically in the office.   A security camera system has the ability to store numerous days of past video so if there is a crime or accident they can always go back and review the incident.

Installing security cameras throughout a business also advertises to customers and employees that they are being watched and you are taking security seriously.  Most would be criminals like to enter a business just to evaluate the security measure in place.  Having a security camera system installed and all areas of your business covered will in most cases cause that possible criminal to go the opposite direction.  There are just way too many other poorly secured businesses out there for a criminal to take advantage of, so why would they mess with yours!

Showing your employees you are serious about security and theft is important too.  Employee theft is a huge problem and so is poor employee production.  If employees know they are being watched it is a fact you will see employee product rise.  Since the job market is poor the last thing employees want to do is lose their job and their opportunity to earn money.  For the good employees they will surely embrace the presence of a surveillance system.  They also worry about danger, crime, and injury.  Having a security camera system in place will give them more confidence that they are secure in the work place.  Since many businesses often have 2 or even 1 employee in a small shop or store, there is a lot of concern from employees that something bad could happen to them.  Most employees will thank you for making the work place safer and more secure.

The key to a security camera system is no doubt its captured video.  If an accident or crime happens in a business, the video will be the most valuable tool in capturing a criminal or proving liability.  The video is the most rock solid evidence a business owner can have to protect themselves.  When implementing a security camera system it is important to place cameras in the business so there is complete coverage of inventory areas, entry-ways, counter or register areas, floor areas where products and goods are shelved, office areas, areas where money is handled, and any other areas where the public and employees have access to.   By having total coverage of the business it is ensured that any and all accidents, thefts, or issues that may arise inside and even outside the business are all captured on video.

Implementing a security camera system can be very easy.  You have the option of installing your own system or hiring a professional installer.   Either way a complete surveillance system can be installed in a single day, so securing your business takes very little effort.   In the past it was thought that a security camera system was really too big of an expense, but the reality is that there are numerous systems on the market that are very cost affective.  So there are security camera systems available to support almost any budget.  But the reality is that the cost of a surveillance system could quickly pay for itself.  How much money can you save on insurance costs, the increase of employee performance, and from putting a stop to all day to day losses from theft?  There is no doubt the return on investment is great when it comes to investing in a security camera system.

Guest writer Erik Johnson is a security industry professional with numerous years of alarm and surveillance system experience.  His goal is to work with home owners and business owners to ensure they have the knowledge to better protect the things that are most valuable to them.

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