January 30, 2012

You Have Successfully Confirmed Your Email Address

Thank you for taking the time to confirm your email address for us.

We do this to make sure we have your permission to send you information.

You have taken the first important step toward protecting your identity from theft in a changing world of technology and uncertainty.

The email course is on it's way to you and the first lesson should be in your inbox soon.  Give it some time if it's not there right away.

Just to remind you, here are some things you will be learning in this email course:

Day 1: Paper Security
Day 2: Social Networking Security
Day 3: Tax Information Security
Day 4: Computer Security Part 1
Day 5: Computer Security Part 2
Day 6: Work Place Security
Day 7: Credit Card Security
Day 8: Email Security
Day 9: Wifi Security
Day 10: Cell Phone Security

And as always you can compare some of the best identity theft protection services by checking our our ID theft comparison page here.

So look forward to those emails every day for the next 10 days, and I encourage you to read them carefully and take the neccessary steps to protect your personal information.  It's just not worth being sloppy with your personal data.

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