August 14, 2016

About is here to help you keep up to date with the many ways that identity thieves want to steal your identity and peace of mind.  With so many threats against consumers we thought it was essential to have a website that was devoted to helping people keep their identities safe and secure.  You will find reviews of ID theft companies and programs on this site and feel free to leave any comments on any of these services.  By comparing ID theft services you can see which one is right for you.  You will also find basic tips and advice for keeping your ID safe and even on improving your credit score.

Disclosure: Some of the links on this site are affiliate links.  This means we are compensated for sales that result from these links.  This helps us to keep this site running.  Be sure that we review each service we promote carefully and are honest in what we think about them.

There is a lot of information on this site and we are always adding new content so be sure to bookmark us.  If you want to write for us or tell us your story about an ID theft situation, let us know and we will post it on the site.  And feel free to contact us with any other questions about the site.  Although we will not tolerate spam and hate it as much as our readers do.