October 21, 2016

Identity Theft from Your Car

Identity theft is a growing issue all over the world. As technology evolves, access to your personal information is more available now than ever. What many people are overlooking is the availability of your information without the use of technology. While many are taking steps to protect their bank accounts, mobile phones, computers, and tablets, […]

6 Tips for Getting Identity Theft Protection For the Kids

Have you ever been a victim of identity theft or are you afraid that your children are at the risk and you want to know the tips for getting identity theft protection for the kids? There are lots of legal ways you can prevent this from happening. Keep important documents away from the public eye […]

The Best Ways to Invite Hackers into Your Life

The internet has brought us more than a few technological advancements however it has also introduced new problems into our lives as well. One of the things that the internet has brought us is hackers which can lead to them corrupting businesses or even stealing people’s identities. This article will cover how you can invite […]

How to Protect Your Email Account from Hackers

 The best way to protect your email account from hackers lies in the security questions and password. There are no easy answers to avoid hackers, but prevention is key like in most situations in life. Too simple passwords Frequently hackers will get into your account via answering your security questions. Because of tools like facebook, […]

How to Prevent Tax Fraud Identity Theft

As if basic identity theft is not bad enough, tax fraud identity theft takes it a step further putting you at the risk of criminal prosecution, fines or even causes you to lose your money. According to the internal revenue service, between 2010 and 2011 they detected a 500 % increase in tax returns that […]

How to Spot a Fake ID

A fake ID can be a liability for many companies and organizations. Fraudulent IDs are used for identity theft, white-collar crime, terrorism, and other harmful activities. While card printing technology has advanced significantly over the past decade, it’s still possible to identify many types of fake IDs. Production of Fake IDs Most fake IDs are […]

5 Steps to Protecting Your Identity from Theft

If you have not already been affected by identity theft or if you don’t already know someone who has been affected, that may all change as more technology makes it easier for hackers to access information anonymously. This growing crime has given rise to many identity protection companies but there are still many things you […]

Protecting the Deceased from Identity Theft

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, about 7% of US households experienced some type of identity theft in 2010. With the capabilities of the internet, those statistics are steadily on the rise these days. Unfortunately, some of these identity thieves steal the identities of loved ones who are already dead. Identity theft of the […]

Credit Card Theft and How Thieves Are Getting Away with It

We live in the age of technology. With new innovations sweeping the consumer markets each year, sometimes the technology is more advanced than the security. In an attempt to make shopping, bill pay, and e-commerce easier in order to attract more customers, technology is used to for convenience. However with convenience come security risks. In […]

Will Hackers Target Your Car’s Computer System Next?

The rise of computer hacking groups like Anon and LulzSec has ushered in a new discussion on security including your car’s computer system. With all their new computer technology, modern cars are becoming ripe targets for hackers looking for new ways to disrupt our lives. In the beginning (circa 1960), “hackers” were MIT students with […]