October 21, 2016

How to Prevent Tax Fraud Identity Theft

As if basic identity theft is not bad enough, tax fraud identity theft takes it a step further putting you at the risk of criminal prosecution, fines or even causes you to lose your money. According to the internal revenue service, between 2010 and 2011 they detected a 500 % increase in tax returns that […]

Why do Scams Work?

Scams have become more sophisticated over recent years, but history suggests that people have always been susceptible to fraud – a point that is explored in more depth below.   In 1920, Charles Ponzi implemented a scam to deprive hundreds of people of their hard-earned money. The Ponzi scheme – effectively the first kind of […]

Tips to Avoid Credit Swiping at Gas Stations

Card skimmers provide yet another example of ways thieves get at your information even if it seems like you’re taking all available precautions.  Skimmers are devices placed on gas pumps, ATM machines, or hand carried.  Their sole purpose is to capture your credit card information as you make a legitimate transaction.  They’re most common at […]

Five Most Common Ways Thieves Steal Your Identity

Identity thieves have become more sophisticated since the days when “shoulder-surfing” was the most common way thieves got their hands on your personal information.  Some schemes pre-date the Internet and have received new life with electronic media and networks.  In random order, here are five of the most common methods that thieves use to get […]