October 21, 2016

What Are the Biggest LifeLock Complaints?

Like any other major company, LifeLock is not immune to consumer complaints, though it has had more than its fair share of negative publicity. The LifeLock identity theft protection service is meant to try to prevent identity theft, but what it’s most useful for is alerting clients to the beginning stages of identity theft through […]

Identity Guard Vs Lifelock: Which Identity Protection Service is Better?

Imagine applying for a credit loan and finding out that you have a really bad credit score, even though you have been paying all of your bills on time for years. Then you check your credit report and realize that your identity has been stolen. You’re now hundreds of dollars in debt and you didn’t […]

What is the Lifelock Ultimate All About?

Lifelock has been in the identity theft protection business for longer than anyone else out there, but other services have tried to move in on Lifelock’s turf. And until recently, Lifelock has really sort of been old news. Well that has all changed with Lifelock Ultimate. The company has always said they are more than just a […]

How Does Lifelock Protect Children and Family Members?

Children do not have credit scores and most parents don’t even think to check if accounts have been opened in their child’s name, and that’s what makes them a prime target for identity thieves and why you need some kind of identity protection for each child. So what does Lifelock DO to protect children from […]

Is Lifelock’s 1 Million Guarantee For Real?

There has been a lot of controversy over Lifelock’s million dollar guarantee, and many people simply don’t have the facts on the issue.  We have studied both sides of the argument and have written this article to explain how the million dollar guarantee works and what it DOES and DOES NOT cover.  But for someone […]