October 21, 2016

What is the Lifelock Ultimate All About?

Lifelock has been in the identity theft protection business for longer than anyone else out there, but other services have tried to move in on Lifelock’s turf. And until recently, Lifelock has really sort of been old news. Well that has all changed with Lifelock Ultimate.

The company has always said they are more than just a credit monitoring service, which really does you no good unless you are proactively putting a stop to these threats rather than waiting for them to happen.

Here at SafeIdentityProtection.com, we review some of the best ways to protect your identity, and that involves more than just your credit. Lifelock is trying to live up to their name in offering services that go way beyond credit alerts and management because the threats to identity theft are only increasing as technology breaches into every aspect of our lives.

But before we look at what the “Ultimate” option gives you, let’s look at what Lifelock already offers you with their basic memebership.

Basic Lifelock Provides:
  • ·        Automatic alerts to potential threats (credit and non-credit related)
  • ·        24/7 access to an online account that shows current threats
  • ·        Lost wallet protection that will cancel those credit cards with one call
  • ·        A constant monitoring of the internet for exposed personal information
  • ·        Phone support that is 24/7
Lifelock Command Center Provides: (in addition to the above)
  • ·        Better and more comprehensive reports of threats
  • ·        A broader scope of protection that includes monitoring of public and court records
  • ·        Monitors criminal websites for illegal use of your information
  • ·        Scans national databases for new address details
  • ·        Searches the internet fraudulent uses alternative names
And the NEW Lifelock Ultimate Provides: (in addition to all above)
  • ·        Automatic alerts when credit inquiries show up on credit reports
  • ·        Automatic alerts of any new checking or savings accounts opened with your information
  • ·        An even broader and more comprehensive network in protecting your identity
  • ·        Credit report inquiries of ALL 3 credit bureaus
  • ·        ANYTIME access to your annual TransUnion credit report and score PLUS free monthly tracking
  • ·        Email notifications of your score
  • ·        Unlimited access to your credit report info
  • ·        Comprehensive awareness of how your identity is exposed to the world.

When we say that LIfelock Ultimate has a more comprehensive identity theft protection network, we are really saying that they have majorly expanded their network’s reach and are more proactive than ever in protecting user’s indentities. This is a major upgrade in their system

With Ultimate you will be notified if a criminal even tries to use your personal information to open a bank account or tries to change the contact information of your savings or checking account. This kind of protection of your finances has never been so comprehensive from an identity theft protection company.

Lifelock will even monitor payday loans which are becoming more common for hackers to use to steal your identity and good name.

You can get signed up for Lifelock Ultimate in just a few minutes and after a few security questions you can get set up with your online account that will help you monitor all activity and any potential threats to your identity.

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