October 21, 2016

Why Your CCTV Kit is Pointless Without Certain Accessories

So, you have decided to invest in a CCTV system for your home or business. You have spent money buying and installing the CCTV equipment and hooked it up, either through cables or wirelessly, to a computer that will record any suspicious or criminal activity. Now, when a burglar breaks in, you will have footage of the robbery to show the police to catch the perpetrator, right? Not necessarily...

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Think about it for a second – if you were a burglar, what would you steal? Cash? Stock? Computers? The very computer or laptop that records and stores the CCTV footage may be one of the items stolen, rendering the whole purchase pointless. What use is an expensive CCTV system if you can’t use it when you really need to?

It is therefore a highly advisable idea to also purchase a CCTV DVR box, which records and stores all footage on its own hard drive rather than leaving it up to your computer to do so. Whether you are buying CCTV for the home or office, a DVR is one of the most important ‘extras’ and can easily be hidden somewhere that burglars are unlikely to spot it. A DVR also has additional benefits, such as huge storage capacity and the ability to quickly sort through images or video by date or time. You can also buy lockable DVR cases for an even higher level of security.

CCTV DVR is just one of many accessories available for security systems. Another great buy is a hard-wearing cage for each security camera which can be affixed over the camera to make it much harder for criminals to smash or damage the camera if they spot it. If the bars are perfectly positioned, the cage should not interfere with the picture recorded.

Perhaps you have opted for a remote controlled CCTV system that will be linked up to a computer or TV screen for easy viewing. In many cases this will require the cameras to be placed within a certain distance of the screen which may limit your options and mean that you leave a vulnerable area unprotected. In this case, an infrared remote extender set is the perfect solution – it amplifies the signal, allowing you to place the CCTV cameras further away and operate them by remote control through most walls.

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Finally, another great accessory that many businesses choose to buy are large ‘Warning, CCTV in Use’ signs that can be placed around the outside of the premises to alert would-be criminals to the fact that they are being watched. These signs are extremely cheap to buy and can be very effective, deterring burglars away and in effect stopping the crime before it has even happened.

There are many more CCTV accessories available but these are the ones I believe to be the most useful, and the most worth spending money on. A well-hidden CCTV DVR box is the most important accessory of all to ensure that your CCTV footage is not stolen along with your valuables. Buy CCTV direct from a reputable online store to ensure that you are receiving high quality goods that will record images to a high clarity and resolution, ensuring that in the unfortunate event you are burgled you at least stand a good chance of catching the person or people responsible.

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