October 21, 2016

What to Consider When Hiring a Credit Repair Company

Good credit has become more and more important.  Credit checks are now often run when you apply for a job, rent an apartment, sign up for utilities, apply for insurance, and, of course, when you apply for loans such as car and home loans.  If your credit is lacking, you should fix it as soon […]

5 Reasons to Avoid Store Credit Cards

Filling your wallet or purse up with retail store credit cards is like filling your pockets with lead; they will only drag you down. Retail outlets make their charge cards incredibly tempting by promising discounts at the register if you apply on the spot. A slight discount at the register for a one-time purchase isn’t […]

How A Short Sale Can Damage Your Credit Score

A home used to be one of the best and safest investments you could make. Unlike cars, boats, or other big-ticket items, a home would appreciate in value. A car loses a lot of its value as soon as you drive it off the lot, but a home would gradually build in value as parks […]

How safe are your credit card details?

  The PSN hacker scandal is just the latest in an increasingly worrying trend in online hacking and credit card fraud, as more and more elaborate and complex scams trick and defraud customers out of their hard-earned wages.    As consumers wise up to the benefits of online shopping, in terms of best prices, availability […]

How to Protect Your Credit Cards From Identity Theft

This is the number one risk for identity theft in America so it’s a vital topic for us to talk about. Today, we’re moving out of the workplace and away from computers so we can look at how to protect your credit cards and debit cards from being used by an identity thief. According to […]

How To Improve Your Credit Score

What is a Credit Score? This is the score that the bank or building society places against you to see if you are worthy of being given credit. This could be for a mortgage, or a loan, purchasing a large item on finance or maybe even to open a cash ISA account  (click here for […]

What’s the Best Way to check your Credit Report?

Checking your credit report is a cornerstone of preventing and detecting identity theft.  There are literally hundreds of websites out there who offer to give you access to all three reports, plus your credit score. Checking your own credit report doesn’t harm your score no matter how many times you do it.  Unscrupulous “credit repair” […]

Do I Really Need a Credit Monitoring Service?

ID theft protection services have come under a bit of fire.  There are people who claim that these services don’t do anything that you can’t do for yourself, for free.  Yet this is often based on a misunderstanding of what these services do, and gets them confused with credit report monitoring services.  While ID theft […]

Is My Credit Score Ruined After Identity Theft?

The damage to your credit score after an identity theft can depend on a lot of factors: the strength and speed of your response, your ability to file a police report (some police districts try hard to pass the buck unless they have specific ID theft departments) and what kind of identity theft took place.  […]

Five Tips for Keeping a Good Credit Score

Keeping the best possible credit score makes a difference in your life and in your wallet.  The people with the best scores get the best interest rates on loans, and it can be the difference-maker for many hiring employers.  Surveys have found that many companies will disqualify candidates for employment if negative information is found […]