October 21, 2016

How To Remove Identity Theft Charges from Debt Collection Agency Records?

The identity theft charges from the debt collection agencies can be the most dangerous situation you may face in your life. If you have fallen into the trap of this identity theft charge, you will be contacted by several debt collectors. You will at once get a phone call from a debt collector which indicates […]

How Lifelock Helps Restore Your Identity After It’s Stolen

Many people ask the question, “Can Lifelock really restore my identity?”  Let’s take a closer look at what the company actually does for victims of ID theft. No matter what anyone tells you, there is NO identity theft protection service that can keep you 100% safe from ID theft.  And while some companies are better […]

How Long does it take to Restore Identity after it is Stolen?

It can take a fairly long time to restore your identity once it’s been stolen unless you are able to detect it quickly and shut the thief down fast.  If the thief gets a large window of time to work with then it grows much, much harder and turns into a far more convoluted process.  […]

How do I get my Identity Back After It Is Stolen?

“Getting your identity back” after it’s stolen can be a nightmarish process.  Identity theft can creep into every area of your life, putting you at risk for everything from financial ruin, to an arrest, to a potentially fatal mistake resulting from having fraudulent information placed in your medical records. It all starts with a police […]

How to Protect Yourself against a Stolen Social Security Number

So the worst has come to pass and your social security number has been stolen.  Somebody out there could steal your social security payments, do criminal acts in your name, get a job with your name or open up new accounts.  How do you protect yourself once the deed is done? Contact Authorities Filing a […]

Three Things to Do Immediately after Your Identity is Stolen

Time is of the essence when your identity is stolen.  Handling the snags caused by ID theft can take a year or more, but if you take these three essential steps quickly then you will generally find the road to be a lot smoother. Shut the Thieves Down Begin by placing a fraud alert on […]

The Best Ways to Recover Your ID After It has been Stolen

If the unthinkable has happened to you, and your personal identifiable information has been stolen, there are number of things you can do to minimize the damage and restore your good name and credit score. As with any crime, the first step to a successful resolution is to call the authorities and report the incident.  […]