December 5, 2015

How To Remove Identity Theft Charges from Debt Collection Agency Records?

The identity theft charges from the debt collection agencies can be the most dangerous situation you may face in your life. If you have fallen into the trap of this identity theft charge, you will be contacted by several debt collectors. You will at once get a phone call from a debt collector which indicates that you have been a sufferer to the identity theft and that you need to pay the debt amount to the debt collector even though you do not owe it. To know more, you can feel free to follow us on the Debtcc Facebook page

What should you say to the debt collectors?

In case you get a phone call from a debt collector to pay any debt or bill which does not belong to you, it is obvious that somebody else is taking undue advantage of your identity and trying to play tricks with you.The debt collector will enquire from you about your personal information but you should not provide them any details unless and until you complete a police report. You may note down the name of the company and all the necessary information about the debt collector who is trying to put false charge upon you. Once you complete the police report, you may send a copy of the report to the debt collection agency with a letter stating that you are disagreeing the charges since you are a victim of identity theft.

Why should you never pay the debts that you do not owe?

The main work of the debt collector is to find out people who need to pay off their debts. However, you need to remember that you are not at all responsible for the debts that are entrapped in your name due to identity theft. So, you should never pay the debts that you actually do not owe due to identity theft even though the debt collectors may tell you several times to do so.

How will you handle the phone calls of the debt collectors?

The phone calls that you may get from the debt collectors once you fall victim can be stressful at times and by telling the debt collectors that you are a sufferer of identity theft will not stop their harassing calls. It is advisable that you do not speak rudely with the debt collectors when they give you a call but rather tell them that you’re a victim of identity theft and you will send them a copy of the police report. You may enquire from the debt collection agency about any particular form that you may need to fill out or any necessary steps that you should take so as to speed up the clarification process.

It is important that you find out whether or not you really owe the debt that the debt collector is trying to enforce upon you. You should know on your part that identity theft is a serious offense and if the debt collector tries to put such offense upon you, you can take the necessary steps in order to remove the false blame from you. This will enable the debt collectors think twice before imposing any offense upon anybody.

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