October 21, 2016

The 5 Biggest Factors that Lead to Identity Theft

Identity theft often begins with a small piece of information, and snowballs as one piece of information leads to another until identity thieves have the keys that will unlock a person’s entire financial world. Non-financial identity theft – such as medical identity theft and criminal identity theft – can be just as devastating. Identity theft […]

Protect Yourself from Identity Theft at the ATM

ATM machines are great for getting your cash fast, but identity thieves also love to use ATM machines to access your financial information and hack into your personal identity.  If you don’t want to fall victim to an ATM hacking crime then you will want to pay attention to this article that will tell you […]

How to Protect Your Identity When Shopping Online

One of the biggest concerns for people in the modern world is protecting their identity. Simply speaking, identity theft if one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States and it is something that is especially scary on the internet. For people who want to protect themselves, it pays to use some preventative methods. […]

Phishing Shcemes and How to Protect Yourself from Scammy Emails

Email phishing has become one of the most insidious forms of identity theft online. Imagine a cat burglar breaking into your house… disguised as your best friend.   “Phishing” has classically been defined as when a scammer sends out an email with an official looking form, requesting the recepient to fill out their personal information. […]

What Kind of Mail Should I Shred to Keep My Identity Safe?

You’d be surprised how much information lurks on most of the documents you have in your home.  Even address labels from magazines, catalogues, or junk mail contain the beginning of a trail that leads all the way back to every facet of your identity.  While such paranoia assumes a dumpster diver is smart enough to […]

Is Your Tax Refund Safe from Identity Theft?

It’s tax time again and many of you are waiting for your refund checks to show up.  Unfortunately for many, they will not receive their tax refunds because of identity theft.  By using your social security number and other pieces of private information an identity theft is able to have the IRS send the refund […]

Can a Computer Virus Lead to Your Identity Being Stolen?

Identity thieves come in all different forms.  There’s the dumpster diver.  There’s the shoulder surfer, who looks over your shoulder while you plug information into an ATM or your computer.  There are wallet thieves.  There are also the hackers, and they too work in a variety of ways.  One of their favorite methods is a […]

How Much Information does an ID Thief Need to Steal Your Identity?

An identity thief who is determined to steal your identity doesn’t really need very much information at all to proceed.  Each piece of personal information we have links to some other piece of very vital information.  While he might not be able to do it on your name alone (especially if you have a common […]

The 5 Most Vulnerable Areas for ID Theft

While you can become a victim of identity theft almost anywhere, your risk is much higher if you live in certain states or certain metropolitan areas.  While you should be taking steps to protect yourself anyway living in one of these states tells you that you should be extra careful; from paying in cash more […]

How to Protect Yourself against a Stolen Social Security Number

So the worst has come to pass and your social security number has been stolen.  Somebody out there could steal your social security payments, do criminal acts in your name, get a job with your name or open up new accounts.  How do you protect yourself once the deed is done? Contact Authorities Filing a […]