December 9, 2015

Why is the US so far behind in ID Card Technology?

Electronic ID card technology is widely utilized in the European Union today. However, the United States is far behind the EU in the adoption of these smart card IDs. Electronic identity cards, or eIDs, contain enhanced information about the individual. Spain was the first EU country to widely adopt the eID card, which they called […]

5 Steps to Protecting Your Identity from Theft

If you have not already been affected by identity theft or if you don’t already know someone who has been affected, that may all change as more technology makes it easier for hackers to access information anonymously. This growing crime has given rise to many identity protection companies but there are still many things you […]

3 Ways College Students Can Protect Themselves From Identity Theft, is a place for college students to find their first credit card, as well as find helpful college tips through a blog. Did you know that college students are prime targets for identity theft? College life can be fun and exciting but take note that there are challenges along the way just like the […]

5 Tips to Prevent Identity Theft & Keeping Your Credit Safe

No one wants to be the victim of identity theft, but the truth is that identity theft happens all too often.  With our high-tech culture with credit cards, online purchases, and criminals on the prowl, it is important that you become familiar with ways to prevent identity theft and keeping your credit safe. 1. Protect […]