December 5, 2015

Compare the Top 5 Identity Theft Services Online

Choosing an identity theft service that is likely to meet all of your needs requires a bit of research.  Fortunately, you can look up the top 5 identity theft services online and make some of your own decisions, comparing each company side by side.

Each site has arranged the companies in slightly different order., for example, lists Trusted ID as its number one company, but puts its faith in Life Lock for the number one position.  You can read the comparisons and why each site voted as it did in order to decide which site you will give more weight.  ToMuse, a site for tech reviews and resources, also puts Life Lock at #1, but Trusted ID makes it to the number two slot.

While these comparisons are helpful it’s a good idea to make your own decisions about your needs when it comes to selecting a company.  A company’s reputation is good to know, but if they don’t offer a feature you don’t feel safe without then there’s no sense buying from that company.  In addition, you shouldn’t trust a company because they are largest or skimp on the pennies and select them because they are the cheapest.  As with burglar alarms, cheap ID theft protection services may prove expensive in the long run.

You should also look at the other things the company offers, from insurance to lost wage protection.  Services that will help you restore your identity in the event of a problem are more valuable than the ones that simply alert you to the presence of a problem.  Services that make it harder for thieves to steal your identity at all are also more valuable; many services, by contrast, act a bit like the police.  They show up after the damage has already been done, and you are left to clean up the mess.

As identity theft becomes a more and more pervasive problem ID theft protection services become more of a necessity.  Since most services don’t charge you much more than the cost of a pizza it’s worth adding to your monthly budget.  In some cases, those low fees cover your entire family, which can be a great way to offer protection and peace of mind.  These, along with other precautions such as shredding and taking care with your wallet or purse can help you from becoming one of the many victims who spend months, even years, trying to straighten out and reclaim their identities once the damage has been done.

So whichever company you choose, go ahead and make the decision right away.  There’s no time like the present to seal up your identity and to encourage thieves to move on to an easier target.

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