February 2, 2014

Guard Dog ID

In this day and age, if you shopping or browsing online without identity theft protection, it’s simply a matter of time before you become a crime statistic.  Guard Dog ID has a number of plans to protect you from becoming just another number in the statistics documenting this country’s fastest growing crime wave.

The Essential Plan from Guard Dog ID provides the consumer with all of the basic methods of protection, such as Spyware Blaster, to keep your computer running fast and free of malicious software.  You can configure your data breach notifications to alert you when your information and accounts are threatened.  The ID Risk Report gives you a clear picture as to your individual identity theft risk.  Parents of small children and teens will be interested in this plan due to the Sex Offender Alerts that let you know when a potentially dangerous felon is in your neighborhood.  The Essential Plan only costs $2.95 a month.

The Advanced Protection Plan includes all of the benefits featured in the Essentials Plan and more.  You’ll always enjoy peace of mind with this plan, as it features a $1 million dollar identity theft insurance policy that protects you in case you fall victim to an online thief.  The WalletGuard service allows you to easily cancel credit cards and access money from your bank account in the event you lose your wallet.  It also keeps a close eye on your good name by looking for any court records that cite your name.  The Advanced Protection Plans start at $9.95 a month.

For active web users, the Premium Protection Plan provides the extra security you need at home and on the go.  It includes all of the features of the previous two plans plus credit reports and scores from one bureau to allow you to keep a close watch on your scores and accounts.  The PayDay service helps to ensure you aren’t victimized by a payday loan thief or anyone else trying to open a line of credit in your name.  Premium Protection Plans are available starting at $14.95 a month with a discount for an up-front one-time annual payment.

For maximum protection against online thieves and other threats, Guard Dog ID offers the Superior Protection Plan.  The Superior Protection Plan includes all of the benefits of the other three plans and much more.  You’ll enjoy on-demand access to all reports and scores from the three major credit bureaus to proactively protect your good name and accounts.  The Superior Protection Plan is available starting at $19.95, and if you enroll for a year with a one-time annual payment, the cost can be as low as $18.33 a month.  This plan is ideal for individuals and businesses that do a great deal of work on computer networks and the internet.

Guard Dog ID is an excellent choice for the wary consumer and safety-conscious businesses.

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