December 5, 2015

How to Stop Spyware Software from Steal Your Identity

spyware softwareYou already know you need to protect your social security number, credit cards, and other personal documents from prying eyes, but what if your identity could be stolen from you while in the privacy of your own home?

The growing threat of spyware and identity theft

Hackers are using computers more and more to steal identities because they can remain anonymous and it can be very effective.  That’s why you need to be more vigilant than ever to protect yourself from harmful spyware programs that monitor your usage of the infected computer.

The fact is that identity theft  is happening more through the use of the computer than almost any other device, and because there is so much personal information on our computer’s it makes it an even more alluring crime for hackers.

Spyware will track where you go on the internet, the passwords you use, the credit card numbers you type in etc.  All of this information is then recorded by the identity theft software and silently transmitted back to the crook without you ever knowing.

So how does this spyware get on your computer in the first place?

You can inadvertently get spyware installed on your computer in a few ways, including:

  • Visiting malicious websites that automatically install spyware on your machine
  • Opening email attachments without scanning them for spyware first
  • Clicking pop-up advertisements while in a devious website
  • Downloading files or software from an unknown source

What can spyware hackers do with your information?

This is where it can get ugly.  A spyware thief can monitor every keystroke you make on your computer, and that means they will be able to see all of your usernames and passwords for your email, social networking accounts, and even bank account.  They can also see every email you sent and chat session you had, and a little at a time the crook is able to hack their way into your life and assume your identity.

The hacker can then open up credit cards in your name, email your friends and ask for money, and even attempt to transfer money, all because of some identity theft software known as spyware.

How you can protect yourself

You don’t want to wait until your computer is infected with spyware to do something about this problem.  You need to take action right away.  If you don’t have any software to detect spyware on your computer then you will have no idea if you already have spyware on your machine right now or not.

There are some free software tools for removing spyware from computers, but from my experience they only get the “easy” spyware programs.

With something like your identity at stake, you will want the most powerful spyware removal program that will search every nook and cranny of your machine until ALL of the spyware is removed.

The software I recommend is made by the reputable company over at  It’s called the Spyware Doctor and has one of the best success rates out of any spyware removal tool.

Get a FREE scan with Spyware Doctor here to see if you have any spyware on your computer right now.

The software will not JUST remove the spyware that is already there, but it will also KEEP spyware from ever getting on your machine in the first place.  This is something that other spyware removal tools cannot say.

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