June 11, 2016

Identity Guard Review

identity guard reviewsIf you’re an individual or a corporation looking for complete identity theft protection from the new generation of online thieves, Identity Guard has a number of products aimed at securing everyone, from individuals to large families to businesses conducting world-wide commerce on the internet.


Identity Guard has four plans from which to choose:

  • Basic
  • Watchful Eye
  • Extra Caution
  • Total Protection

The Basic plan costs $4.99 a month, and it gives you identity theft insurance of up to $1 million dollars.  It also features Identity Theft Recovery Assistance, which helps you to recover any losses in case you become a victim.  Internet Surveillance monitors the web to make sure your personal information, such as bank accounts, social security number, and credit card numbers, are not exposed online.  If they are, this service will immediately alert you.  If you lose your wallet, the Basic plan helps you cancel your credit cards quickly; yet, still access up to $2,000 from your account, if you need it.

The Watchful Eye plan features everything from the Basic plan and more.  The professionals at Identity Guard will monitor all three of your major credit reports, every single business day, looking for changes, and they will alert you if anything arises that look suspicious.  You can stay one step ahead of online thieves with the help of Quarterly Credit Updates that keep you in the know on the latest developments on issues concerning potential fraud.  The Watchful Eye plan costs $9.99 monthly.

The Extra Caution plan includes all of the benefits from the first two programs.  It also features an up-to-date view of all three of your major credit bureau scores so you can better manage and monitor your scores.  The Extra Caution plan costs $14.99 a month and is ideal for individuals looking to improve their credit score.

The Total Protection plan is ideal for individuals and businesses of all sizes that conduct a large amount of commerce on the internet.  It includes all of the benefits of the first three plans plus public record reporting and monitoring.  This service alerts you to any changes to your or your businesses’ public records, including civil and criminal court proceedings, license and registrations, and name and alias changes.  The Total Protection plan includes the patented ID Vault service.  ID Vault forms a protective barrier between your online financial accounts and online phishing, pharming, and keystroke logging software.  Mobile Lock Box performs just like a lockbox at your bank to secure personal records, while also making then accessible 24/7 from your computer and smart phone.

Privacy Protect is vital for anyone using Wi-Fi hotspots.  It encrypts your data at the keystroke level to keep all of your information private, even when you’re accessing the web from a public hot spot.   The final piece of the puzzle in online protection is quality software to keep your computers from becoming infected with spyware and other malicious software.  Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite provides anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewall protection for your laptops, PC’s, and Mac’s.  The Total Protection plan carries a price tag of $17.99 monthly.

Whatever your needs, Identity Guard has a plan to keep you and your family safe from online predators and thieves.

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