February 2, 2014

Reputation Defender

Reputation Defender Review

Anytime you complete an online transaction, the possibility exists that your information can fall into the hands of thieves.  Reputation Defender has solutions for home and business protection to keep your privacy intact and your good name clean.

Reputation Defender uses a two-pronged proactive strategy to keep you safe online.  The first tool for keeping your privacy intact online is MyPrivacy.  MyPrivacy safeguards your email inbox from unwanted and potentially dangerous email, and it also removes your name and personal information from people search databases.  By using the solution’s Control Your Mail feature, you can stop up to 80% of unwanted snail mail from reaching your mailbox by striking your name from the list of 3,100 companies that belong to the Direct Marketing Association.  MyPrivacy monitors the web 24/7 for your name and personal information on several sites, including PeopleFinder.com, and automatically requests deletion as soon as it shows up.  If you want this plan on a month-to-month basis, the cost is $9.95.  If you pay for a year in advance, the price drops to $7.95 per month and falls to $4.95 a month if you pay for two years in advance.


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The second line of defense is called MyEdge.  With MyEdge, you can deliver the right message when people Google your name, almost like having your very own public relations agent.  Employers, college admission officials, and lenders are increasingly web-savvy in this day and age, and the online profile you display can either help you or hurt you.  With MyEdge, you’re in control over what others see online about you.  MyEdge first identifies what positive and negative information exists on the web, and then professional content writers from Reputation Defender construct a truthful and personalized image in your very best interests.  There are three MyEdge plans offered by Reputation Defender.  The Basic Plan is best for young people who are seeking their first job or plan on enrolling in college for the first time.  The Preferred Plan is ideal for young professionals with common names who want to stand out for the right reasons on the internet.  The Premier Plan is perfect for professionals with multiple names and nicknames.

MyEdge Basic includes a vastly upgraded web presence with all of your positive web properties maximized for the major search engines.  MyEdge Preferred has all of the advantages of the Basic plan and includes a professionally written biography for you.  MyEdge Premier includes all of the features of the first two plans plus your biography is search engine optimized for the major search engines.  Negative content about you on the web is deemphasized as well.

Costs for these Basic, Preferred, and Premier plans are $99, $299, and $599 respectively.  With more than 70% of companies in the country indicating that they have disqualified candidates from employment due to disparaging information found on the internet, these services are more important than ever in today’s ultra-competitive job market.

With MyEdge and MyPrivacy from Reputation Defender, you can rest assured that your online presence tells the right story to prospective employers and lenders.

See what personal information of yours is exposed online now with a privacy scan from Reputation Defender here!

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