October 21, 2016

Trusted ID Review

trusted id reviews

Unlike some other identity theft protection services TrustedID actually monitors ALL 3 credit bureaus, along with credit reports and credit scores.  Part of TrustedID’s protection also includes lost wallet protection, fraud alerts, free spyware protection, and even family protection so you don’t have to pay full price to add another family member to the plan.

There is a lot to compare between TrustedID and Lifelock, as both services have their own version of the $1,000,000 warranty, but TrustedID is offering a free test drive to people who want to check it out.  You can get a 2 week free trial of the service to see if you like their services.

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TrustedID protects you on several different fronts in the war on identity theft.  TrustedID offers a strong defense with their Identity Threat Score that determines your individual vulnerability to identity thieves in an easy-to-understand report.  They offer other important proactive steps, such as monitoring all three of your major credit bureau scores, to quickly spot fraud in the form of thieves opening new credit accounts in your name, as well as any other changes to your score that may be cause for concern.

TrustedID offers a unique service by scanning the World Wide Web continuously for loans and other lines of credit in your name that are not authorized by you.  Another powerful service is the monitoring of your medical benefits to make sure no one is piggybacking on your account, which ensures that only authorized family members are receiving your hard-earned benefits.  Another important frontline defense is offered in the form of anti-spyware and anti-phishing software that not only helps your computer run faster and more reliably, it keeps your online habits, passwords, and other sensitive information, including account numbers, safe from prying eyes.

TrustedID offers not only individual protection, it can cover everyone living in your household.  When you have a question or concerns, you don’t have to worry about talking to a machine or someone from an overseas country.  Live ID theft prevention experts are always standing by waiting to help you 24/7 to keep your information safe.  In case the unthinkable happens – your identity is compromised and you do suffer loss, TrustedID is backed by a $1 million dollar service warranty so you’ll always have peace of mind shopping online and in traditional brick-and-mortar establishments.

Time Magazine, CNN, and The Wall Street Journal have all weighed in on the benefits from TrustedID, giving it an enthusiastic two thumbs-up across the board.  You can choose from one of two comprehensive plans to protect yourself or your entire family.  There is an individual plan that costs $10.42 a month, or you can save money by making a one-time payment of $125.  The company also offers a family plan for a monthly fee of $20 a month, or a one-time fee of $240.  Both plans offer a 14-day free trial period, so you can sample the service for free before you make a monetary commitment.

TrustedID services not only keep your identity safe, they allow you to monitor all three of your major credit reports, which can help to improve your credit score.  Read some more Trusted ID reviews on the internet and you will see that this is not a second rate id protection service.  It has not been around as long as Lifelock, but there are some nice features to consider.

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